“May the Scared Be Restored in Beauty.” by Dr. Eduardo Duran. It is, in this vein of Dr. Duran’s quote, that I am seeking curious individuals, couples or families interested in exploring and deepen their communication and connections in relationship to a therapist who is well versed in trauma informed approaches with gestalt and somatic therapy techniques and who values intergenerational knowledge and liberation psychology. My Gestalt Therapy is mindful of trauma and its intergenerational impacts on the social and environmental context of a one’s experience.
I practice Gestalt that is trauma informed and is also aligned with liberatory psychology lens of various oppressive sociopolitical systems and institutions. My grandmothers are fierce and powerful women who have survived slavery and extermination via colonization, and have embedded within me, every particle of their glimmering aspirations.
Originally from South Central Los Angeles, my current social location is as a queer, black womxn, of African American and Mexican American ancestry. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Master of Arts –MA, Integral Counselling Psychology/California Institute of Integral Studies
Been in Practice Since