********************************ONLINE/VIRTUAL APPOINTMENTS ONLY**************************** Do you hate being stuck at home enduring arguments or the silent treatment? Does the distance and disagreements seem like its becoming a new normal? Don’t go one more day feeling unappreciated and alone. Don’t go through these challenges alone. Natasha is here to help you, as a relationship expert, married for 12+ years myself, I understand the challenges and know the research-based ways to get back on track.
Your friends may think you’re living your best life, but are you really exhausted? Are you tired of being needed by EVERYONE? Has the career that once brought you pride now cause you to feel overwhelmed? I also help overworked women feel in control and enjoy their life again! Schedule a 15 min consultation to get started!
Natasha Oates is an award winning therapist who has been featured by national publications. More importantly, she understands how challenging relationships and juggling family and leadership roles can be. She’s been there too. Don’t go one more day without making your needs and your relationship a priority. Schedule your free consultation now!

MA, Ed.S., Mental health Counselling/ Gardner-Webb University
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