Life is too short for just getting by. Don’t let depression, anxiety or anything else get in the way of feeling your best. In my practice, I examine a person from a variety of perspectives to work on getting to the root of emotional discomfort and navigating to better coping and living skills. Feeling better is possible. Call for a consultation and being living life to the fullest.
Natasha Wilson, LMSW, LMT is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in mental health treatment. Her treatment modalities are guided by evidence based practices with a holistic philosophy. Natasha is available to see adults 18 years+ for issues related to Depression, Anxiety, thought disorders and general mental/ emotional concerns.
In addition to being a Clinical Therapist I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist. I understand that wellness has its roots not just in the mental but physical being as well. My hope to assist my client with integrating wellness throughout their being.

Wayne State University
Been in Practice Since