My goal is to provide you with the best personalized mental health assessment and care . I go the extra mile to work with my clients, to help them to make the best life decisions that would not only meet their individual emotional needs, but also enhance their overall adjustments. My clients benefit from my 30+ years of multinational and multicultural professional experiences and trainings. I deliver my services with utmost humility, and with the sole purpose of meeting the needs of my clients. I am easy to talk with, and I provide a relaxed atmosphere for comfortable therapeutic engagement. Engage me on your emotional journey.
I use evidence-based and solution-focused treatment options to meet my clients’ needs. I am passionate about your school and work success. I feel your pain and that of your child. I can relate to your relationship, immigration, or legal issues. I have the expertise, tools and skills to help. I am here to guide you and walk with you on your journey.
I counsel with humility, compassion, empathy, patience, and care. I look for the “unique you.” I believe that one cap does not fit all; that what works for “A” may not work for “B.” I go eclectic, using combination of modules to tailor my approaches to accommodate individual differences, while maintaining all therapeutic standards and clinical competences.

Harvard University
Been in Practice Since