I have a passion for training and developing the next generation of competent, ethical, and enthusiastic social workers. I also know the many challenges facing new social workers within work environments such as: limited access to resources, navigating job expectations, and maintaining work-life balance. As such, I am an advocate for effective, supportive, and timely clinical supervision. I also know what it is like to receive bad supervision and I aim to alleviate that worry from perspective supervisees. Clinical supervision with me involves: active clinical skill learning strategies, resource starter kit & emphasis on self care.
I have a wealth of clinical, supervisory, and teaching experiences across 10 years within diverse settings. I have supervised: undergraduate BSW interns, qualified professionals (QPs) as a behavioral health team lead, LCSW-A’s, and I have a clinical supervision certificate and training through the National Association of Social Workers.
I am excited to share my experiences and partner with you in your development as a licensed clinical social worker associate.Clinical exam preparation is also offered at an additional price, if desired. I would love to answer any questions you may have about clinical supervision or exam preparation as well as address specific needs that you have.

Doctor of Philosophy, Rehabilitation Counselling/North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University
Been in Practice Since