Noel Frazier is a Licensed Master Level Social Worker with 15 years of behavioral health experience working with youth, families, adults and groups. Noel is well versed in evidenced based therapeutic interventions. Therapeutic approaches include, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, behavioral modification and cognitive processing therapy. Noel can assist clients who are seeking to develop healthy and alternative coping skills to manage day to day stressors associated with increased anxiety or depression. Assist clients with creating balance within their life.
Noel’s role is to empower, support and enhance an individual’s overall wellbeing. His philosophy or approach is to work with the whole individual to promote balance; mentally, physically, spiritually & emotionally. Areas of expertise include; anxiety, depression, substance use, stress reduction, self-care modalities, and crisis intervention.
**ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS** Are you ready to start making some changes in your life? I work with youth, families, and adults in creating a space for change and healing. I respect all walks of life and believe that everyone deserves a chance to recover.

Washington University In St. Louis
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