I work one-on-one to help unearth the cause of frustration, stress, resentment, pain, etc… in my client’s life. I help my clients define their goals and facilitate a plan to create and maintain positive change. As the relationship between my client and I strengthens, fundamental issues will rise into focus. It is not unusual for a client to enter counseling with one specific goal in mind, only to find that something else becomes the focus of their work. Because counseling is a week=by-week, dynamic experience, the content of our sessions will constantly adapt and adjust to whatever the situations come up. Treatment plans and solutions are adjusted to fit with changes in the client’s life.

I try to help clients cope with and resolve their problems so they will ultimately no longer need counseling. In order to reach this goal, we must work together to uncover the root of the issues and generate realistic solutions that can be put into practice in the client’s life.

Master of Arts (M.A), Counselling Psychology/ Convenant Theological Seminary
Been in Practice Since