My client is simply trying to find peace and joy within their daily lives. She or he wants to develop and use coping skills to deal with personal conflict or challenges. The issues can range from lacking motivation and energy to function normally, having negative, dysfunctional thoughts, conflict with significant others, children, or family, to engaging in self-destructive behaviors. It is my belief that all behavior healthy or unhealthy means something. Our goal in sessions is to work together to discover the underlining reasons in an effort to increase/decrease engaging in said behaviors.
I have been a licensed clinical psychologist for twenty years. I offer individual counseling, life coaching, psychological assessments (including ADHD, school, and bariatric) and have experience with a diverse population. My focus is providing you the tools to alter your thought processes to help you achieve whatever goal(s) you have set forth.
I know it can be extremely challenging to speak to a perfect stranger about intimate details about your life. I am of the belief that you are the expert of your life and that I (hopefully) have the tools to help you heal and/or create the life you desire. All it takes is a simple email to begin the start of being your best you possible.

University of Maryland at College Park, Doctorate, Psychology
Been in Practice Since