At least two things are consistently reinforced in my work: (1) the burden of trauma and oppression cannot be ignored or underestimated and (2) as humans, we are inherently adaptive and possess immense wisdom. I help justice-oriented souls tap into that wisdom in order to feel more at home in their bodies and relationships. I believe when we are emotionally resourced we create more space for transformation. I primarily work with individuals who have experienced trauma, but my expertise also lends itself to working with individuals with anxiety and panic, as well as those with relationship concerns from isolation to codependency.
I specialize in somatic psychotherapy for trauma, meaning we incorporate awareness and use of the body into sessions. I also incorporate parts work/internal family systems therapy, as well as other modalities to support our work. I believe in creative, collaborative healing and invite you to bring your values, culture, and practices into our sessions.
When we struggle to cope it’s common to blame ourselves or feel stuck in it. But the way we move through the world is responsive to our experiences. I’ve never met a client who didn’t make sense to me. I would be honored to share my skills and perspective to help you move beyond just surviving and into embodying your life force.

University of Michigan
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