Many adults, of all ages, whom I see are facing the stress of unexpected changes in their family or marriage relationships, personal friendships, work-life, and other areas. These challenges we face with change can affect our self-esteem and the level of anxiety or depression we may experience. As a psychologist, I am very familiar with these concerns and offer my expertise and a compassionate presence in which to develop the trust essential to working together. It’s all about being committed to living the life you want; a life that embraces your values with the determination to make it happen.
My therapeutic approach integrates many treatment methods tailored to each individual’s unique set of circumstances. Using evidence-based cognitive-behavioral techniques and mindful awareness work well to help identify and eliminate negative thoughts transforming this energy into positive action.
The therapeutic relationship is the single most important aspect to working well together and the trust that develops in this relationship is what will allow you and me to move in a direction that brings you closer to a more valued and meaningful life. I

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)/Yale University
Been in Practice Since