We all face times in our life where it seems we have been thrown a curve ball. We suddenly find ourselves in the midst of a personal crisis. Where do we go, and who can we turn to for help? It is these times, when professional counseling and therapy is helpful. My motto is, “When life hurts…healing helps.” My ideal client is an individual, or family member who is seeking a skilled mental health professional. I provide a therapeutic environment for my client, that will assist you in navigating through the personal issues that you have been struggling with.
My specialty is working with children, adolescents, teens, women, and family counseling. I specialize in depression, self-esteem issues, academic, and behavioral concerns.
My specialty focus is working with Black females who are often referred to as being ‘Superwomen.’ This group of women are known for getting the job done and putting the needs of others before their own needs. The results is anxiety, depression, and stress. My approach focuses on self-care as a priority.

M.Ed. Counselling, Special Education and Teaching/ University of Missouri-Saint Louis
Been in Practice Since