Feel like distant lovers in the same bed? Disconnected from each other or your sexual self? Communicating, but not connecting? Does sex or intimacy trigger you, and make you shut down? Maybe you’ve decided to stay and work on your relationship after infidelity, but your mind is so full of emotions and questions you feel lost and broken and don’t know where to start. And while others acknowledge your pain, no one seems to be able to give you the tools you need to heal and reconnect.
Your journey starts here! There is hope. I am a licensed couple’s therapist who specializes in sexual concerns and infidelity recovery. I provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to be yourself and explore your thoughts, feelings, and concerns. My approach is genuine and straightforward—all sexual and kink orientations and conversations welcome.
If you’re ready to reconnect as a couple, find real intimacy again, and help your relationship thrive after betrayal or you would like to reconnect back to your sexual self and heal from betrayal solo, visit my website to find out more and book a session. I offer online sessions and my schedule is open evenings and Sundays, to accommodate your schedule.

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