Richard Sypniewski is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPC343) who treats a wide range of mental health and personal issues. He has worked as a School Counselor since 2005, has experience at the college level as Adjunct Faculty and as a Community College Counselor and as Adjunct Faculty in the CSUSB Educational Psychology and Counseling Narrative program teaching coursework related to the LPCC Clinical License.He has been trained in working with children experiencing emotional disorders and has a wide range of life experiences rooted in helping individuals from a variety of backgrounds and age demographics.
He has a clinical interest in Narrative Therapy, which is an approach interested in how we tell stories of our lives and how this telling shapes who we are and how we become.
His personal interests: Integrative Health & Wellness,Memory Retention, Lasting Memories & Creative Learning,Teaching, Science, and Music.He has an interest in learning about other cultures and has lived and studied in Ecuador, South America.

California State University,
Been in Practice Since