To seek help indicates a level of strength and desire to change in ways that promote a healthier and more functional lifestyle. As we hit so many rough spots in life, instead of stopping for a second, we push through our struggles in attempts to move forward. Along our journey we find that we are stuck. However, in order to move forward we need to obtain something that is missing from our lives and our relationships. Pursuing therapy can fill that gap and provide you with a major push that you need along your journey.
I have experience working with clients of many ethnic backgrounds with a variety of different concerns. My clinical experience has involved providing psychotherapeutic services to individuals, couples and families. Additionally, I provide services that address a spectrum of mental health challenges, such as trauma or mood disorders.
Taking the step towards therapy not only offers healing but it also offers a new beginning. We all deserve emotional support. Most importantly we need to work just as hard for ourselves as we do for others. Welcome to your path to wellness.

Master`s degree, Marriage and Family Therapy/University of Marylans College Park
Been in Practice Since