I work with the strong ones. The ones who have been strong too long. The ones who are feeling the emotional fatigue of trying to make everything happen for everyone else, but some how lost track of focusing on themselves and their own happiness/ mental wellness. I have the privilege to work with women, men and teenagers. Inside my office walls I provide a haven and place to talk to candidately about current and pass stressors and find new strategies to bring mental wellness. We discuss current behaviors, passed traumas and coping mechanisms that no longer are helpful and find new ways to live a more fulfilling life.
I subscribe to an eclectic approach including: trauma focused, cognitive behavioral methods, solution focused, & client driven modalities. I use all these tools to be able to holistically focus on mental wellness. My goal is to not be the one with all the techniques but to teach you ways that you can use the techniques yourself outside of the counseling.
I believe if you’re on this page, our paths were meant to cross. I’m a firm believer that healing happens in community, and I’ve done lot of work to professionally (and personally) to be effective at being part of people’s healing journey. So if you’re ready, feel free to reach out to me so we can begin the next steps!

Ohio University, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Counselor Education and Supervision Activities
Been in Practice Since