At Progress to Purpose Concierge Therapy, we understand that managing the difficulties of life often causes pain but accepting that pain as unavoidable can limit the joy of that life. Therefore, we focus on identifying the source of that pain so we can work together to develop individualized strategies that will lead to your betterment. In doing so, the opportunity to progress in your relationships, profession and life become clear and your purpose-attainable.
A Client-centered foundation guides much of our approach. Whether working with couples in various stages of relationships or individuals seeking to break the cycle of counterproductive behavior, we help find realistic choices for your situation. The option of sharing that insight through a spiritual lens is available.
In addition, we go the extra mile by traveling to the client’s home or office, especially those in the Richmond/Katy area, to ensure the level of comfort is optimized for the work to be done together! Once you choose Progress to Purpose, you can say, “Now I’m making progress!”.

Master of Arts (M.A.) Educational Leadership and Counseling/Prairie View A&M University
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