I believe therapy is a place where each person involved can be real and share honestly about their unique human experience. It is as if we are each travelers, encountering each other’s world for a time. We decide what path to take based on your needs, desires, and abilities; we work collaboratively and check in with one another frequently to ensure your needs are being met. We do not take one step forward without your permission to do so; and if you decide we should no longer explore in a particular direction, then we can change course. I genuinely strive to know you wholly and fully.
I work from an anti-oppressive, social justice framework. My approach is primarily relationally focused and process-oriented, placing particular emphasis on one’s cultural narratives and experiences at the intersections of their identities. I am passionate about working with QTBIPOC, complex trauma and attachment, and structural and institutional oppression.
I strive to challenge conventionally held notions of identity and embrace the complexities of human existence, believing that living life authentically is worth fighting for. I am deeply devoted to seeing you fully for who you are and would be honored to bear witness to your narrative.

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) (2018)
Been in Practice Since