I have worked in the field of behavioral health for 30 years and have successfully aided men, & women debilitated by mood disorders, substance use disorder, trauma, and grief. I have worked with individuals living with severe and persistent mental illness such as schizophrenia or delusional disorder. I became a Professional Counselor to help individuals realize their self-worth, organize, prioritize and face internal & external struggles in a manner that is positive and healthy. I am a certified Supervisor for post graduate Counselors on the License Professional Counselor track. Available Tue-Fri 10:AM to 7:PM, Sat 9:AM to 2:PM.
I believe being a Professional Counselor means having an unconditional regard for human beings regardless of their outward appearance, inner beliefs, past or present affiliations. Client Counselor rapport is the foundation of effective counseling. If you don’t trust me or believe I can understand your struggle, we cannot get any therapeutic work done.
Love, loss, grief, fear, shame, numb, craving, tired, these are a few of the feelings that drive our behaviors. Are you looking for a place to unburden or simply sort things out? I promise to be attentive to those experiencing challenge and loss. You are the expert on your needs. I simply bring tools and pass them to you.

MS, Counselling Psychology/Tennessee State University
Been in Practice Since