Are you struggling with exhaustion, anxiety or stress? Do you experience unwanted intrusive thoughts? I specialize in using scientifically proven strategies to help you manage your symptoms and regain a sense of wellness in your life.
I use Mindfulness, Meditation, CBT and Exposure Therapy (ERP) to treat OCD, Burnout and Anxiety. Together, we will also develop a set of self-care habits that take care of you as you build the life of your dreams. All of this will be done in the comfort of your own home via my private virtual office.
Give yourself the opportunity to thrive, inside and out. Call today to schedule a free consultation. I offer flexible appointment times, including 25-minute “lunch time” sessions and late evenings appointments. I do not accept insurance. But, if you have a PPO, I can save you time by billing for reimbursement on your behalf.

Master of Social Work, Mental and Social Health Services/UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs
Been in Practice Since