Hello! I am passionate about helping clients define their goals then take steps needed to achieve success. I support clients in and outside of sessions providing an open line of communication for all clients on my caseload. I believe we are all deserving of peace, love and happiness and am passionate about clients achieving such. I work with individuals to help them maintain healthy and fulfilling lives. I work with couples to strengthen communication, maintain healthy conflict resolution and ultimately to regain closeness. I view my role as your co-pilot. I would be honored to travel beside you on your journey through life.
I use a brief, solution-focused (BSFT) modality for individuals and couples. I primarily use CBT (and DBT skills). When working with couples, I use Imago Therapy to teach healthy communication skills. I will gather information in our first session to determine what method would work best for you and will employ other methods based on client needs.
Counseling can feel scary. I understand the fear you may feel in starting the process. I offer free phone consultations to determine if I am a good fit and to ease tension. I’ve seen many people achieve happiness and fulfillment. All you need to do is take the first step and reach out and I’ll guide you from there. Happy to answer any questions you may have.

Xavier University, Master of Arts (MA), Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Been in Practice Since