You may be dealing with anxiety, depression, racialized trauma or generational trauma that make it harder to function. For too long, the idea of mental wellness was viewed as a luxury only allotted to the few. Someone was considered “strong” if they endured a traumatic or life-changing event, regardless of functionality. We are now beginning to understand that those events can change the way we relate to everything. You may continue to engage in your day to day expectations like taking care of children, going to work, going to school, but you may not be sleeping well, may no longer enjoy things that brought you peace or happiness.
I offer mental health therapy for adolescents, adults and parents. I use a variety of therapeutic modalities to help bring symptoms down that may be getting in the way of living and functioning the way you want. I offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Child, Parent Counseling and Individual Therapy
It is a privilege to partner with you and work on bringing your symptoms down. I will work as hard as you work to feel differently and function better. You are not your trauma and your symptoms are not your personality.

Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington
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