Your happiness matters. The challenges of life can cause you to feel stressed and struggle with anxiety, self-doubt, depression, and trauma. It is my passion to help teens, adults, and families through these uncomfortable situations by helping to build their confidence, communication, and coping skills.
Our counseling sessions will be professional, easy-going, and goal-oriented, to equip you with skills to identify and address your inner struggles, to better cope, and be resilient as you work through the difficulties you are facing in life. My ability to use clinical skills in practical ways may be used to help relieve some of your emotional pain.
I am a 14-year Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern. Counseling clients in Outpatient Mental Health, Job Corps, Florida State Prison, churches, etc. have developed my compassion & empathy. Persevering through the trauma of being raised in high-risk communities & homelessness has enhanced my ability to connect with you. Call today to schedule a consult.

MA, Counselling/ Webster University
Been in Practice Since