Just want to be happy? Not finding relief from the anxiety and panic attacks? Stuck in a marriage that’s filled with loneliness and pain? Are you a teen struggling to find where to fit in or have parents that just don’t understand? Let me help guide you towards building goals to create a healthier you! Therapy can be an effective tool to provide clarity on struggles and gain valuable insight on how to tackle those struggles. If you are an individual, couple, teen, or have a history of trauma and ready to take a step towards healing, this is the place.
Hi! I’m Shanaci (Shawn-uh-see)! I help guide clients that have hit a tough time in life to build purpose, pursue goals, and gain healing. I have gained much knowledge in providing the tools and skills in guiding couples, teens, and individuals to work through the struggles they face day to day and from their past.
Counseling should be a confidential and safe place for you to share those struggles and sort through all types of transitions from painful, everyday battles to life altering events. It takes courage to go through counseling and face what you are going through, and I am here to walk alongside you and to help provide the tools to do so.

Amberton University Master’s Degree Professional Counseling
Been in Practice Since