You are pregnant again, but the excitement isn’t there. You feel anxiety before your OB appointments and try to make sure you are prepped enough to ask all the questions you need to. More stress keeps coming up. The thought of announcing your pregnancy and each new pregnancy symptom brings anxiety. You can’t help but wonder what will happen if you lose this baby too. No one seems to understand. It hurts to hear your family and friends encouraging you to forget about your loss and move on. You are wondering if you will ever get to experience the joy of pregnancy and bringing home your baby.
I help parents who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss go on to have peaceful pregnancy experiences. I provide individualized care which integrates holistic, evidence based approaches to heal your mind, body and spirit on this journey of pregnancy after loss. Together we’ll make sense of the past, find peace in the present and increase yo
If you want to experience peace and joy while navigating pregnancy after loss, schedule a free consultation with SW Doula, LLC to begin your journey to emotional wellness.

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