*I have immediate openings with evening and weekend availability* Have you ever said to yourself, “Something is wrong. Why am I stuck?” Together, we can tackle it! I want to help you with the doubt and insecurity that can creep into your life when you least expect it. The “I knew I was going to have to face this” moment, or the “I didn’t see that coming” moment. Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Relationships, Life transitions/changes, Self-worth, New Communication Skills, Conflict resolution; We will access effective ways to manage these concerns, and turn things around. Be proactive in putting your mental health first. You Matter!
We will be intentional with getting to root causes of unresolved issues/trauma. We will confront patterns of negative thinking that persist without valid reason. With the foundations of Cognitive Behavioral and Solution Focused theories, I will help you navigate through feeling stuck. I will meet you where you are, but challenge you to push towards growth.
In a nonjudgmental space, we will work towards your goals. You will see a path forward. I am passionate about helping people manage stress while striving for fulfillment at the same time. Stress and problems are not new, but your dealing with it may be. I applaud you! Allow me to assist you as you invest in your journey of self improvement; Let’s go to work!

Masters in Marital and Family Therapy
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