Are you depressed, easily angered, or stressed out? My name is Shannon Smith with SLS Counseling Group, LLC, specializing in providing high quality behavioral and mental health services. I am a licensed Psychotherapist, Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor and Substance Abuse Professional(SAP), and I am committed to building self-esteem, improving decision making, and developing appropriate coping skills to youth and adults in the community. I focus on individual and group therapy, which ranges from academic underachievement to substance abuse. Each individual has a trait to be resilient and the inherent capability of achieving goals.
I am a former High School state basketball champion, nationally ranked basketball recruit that went on to play Major D1 basketball and on to play in the NBA. I am currently a Clinicians Network member for the Anti-Drug/Player Assistance Program for the NBPA, as well as the Mental Health and Wellness Program for the NBA Players Association.
Having a unique opportunity to combine these experiences with mental health counseling, I am able to provide a perspective and balance that includes sports and life coaching, as well as mental health therapy. *EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE IS PREFERRED *

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Been in Practice Since