Sometimes therapy is needed during a crisis when hope seems impossible. Other times, therapy is a way to reboot and move forward. Have you been plagued by shame, guilt, fear, doubt, despair, grief, abandonment, disappointment, hurt, rejection or any other negative emotion? Are you paralyzed by past experiences or decisions? Are you ready to move beyond the notion that you can’t move forward? Choosing healing is a powerful choice. Allowing previous pain to prevent you from your promised purpose should NEVER be an option. In the therapeutic environment, I join you, in your journey toward healing and becoming whole.
I enjoy working with clients journeying toward H.O.P.E. Clients experience powerful emotions when attempting to mask or numb pain in place of overcoming it. I work with individuals/couples to identify, confront and conquer powerful emotions to experience strength, peace and a purposeful life. Therapy Changes Lives! Be Healed! Be Delivered! Be Set Free!
Need H.O.P.E? I use evidence-based strategies that raise your awareness to the cause(s) of your distress and move you from pain to purpose. Therapy is transformational and yields a hope-focused solution. My approach is based on your individual needs and our sessions are tailored to your specific goals. “Live Beyond”. Welcome to the “H.O.P.E.” lounge”!

Master`s Degree, Licensed Professional Counselling/Liberty University
Been in Practice Since