*** Accepting New Clients*** Symptoms of depression, worry, anxiety, intrusive, obsessive, flashbacks and racing thoughts can leave one feeling lost, helpless, overwhelmed and alone at times. Self-blame, guilt, fear and feelings of unworthiness are faulty thinking patterns in the core belief system and past trauma. Again, you did not choose this and you do not have to continue life this way. Having the opportunity to process your concerns without fear of judgment, shame, guilt, blame and actually being heard with the intent to understand is the start of your personal journey to healing and freedom, and you deserve it!
It is essential to first establish safety, therapeutic rapport and trust. I use a trauma-informed integrative approach that is holistic and evidence-based. It is my passion for helping others learn ways to cope and unleashing their innate power to heal and emerge from past pain, hurt, loss, setbacks and trauma during their lifetime. Resilience is waiting!
You will be met in a calming, therapeutic, safe space. Therapeutic relationships with me are genuine, authentic, calming and supportive. Using talk therapy, mindfulness, emotion regulation, emotion freedom techniques- tapping, somatic and breath work will be used while processing difficult topics to release trauma that has been stored in the body.

Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counselling/Lenoir-Rhyne University
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