As I experience all the shifts life has to offer, I have developed more of an understanding of the value in considering others and my own mindset. Problems, uncertainty, and challenges are not going away; they are always going to be in our lives. The thought things must always be set in stone is an illusion from the start. However, if we change our mindset and change those same problems, uncertainty, and challenges into growth moments without limitations or limiting beliefs and focus on solutions; we are left feeling empowered to create change, and I am excited to go on the journey with you.
I have worked with individuals, couples, families, and children experiencing anxiety, depression, miscommunication, grief, personality disorders, autistic spectrum disorders, behavior disorders, religion/spirituality, LGBTQ+ identity, self-esteem, transitions, work/life balance, foster care/adoption, history of traumatic events, and suicidal ideation.
I utilize systemic, strengths-based, person-centered approaches like Mindfulness, SFBT, CBT, and IFS and I apply them holistically. I provide a safe, no judgment, and empathetic space. I am the client’s cheerleader as they began to recognize they are no longer who they were but are not quite who they are meant to be and together we go on that journey.

MA Marriage and Family Therapy-Counseling/Northcentral University Master of Arts -
Been in Practice Since