“Heal, so that when someone tells you they love you, you may allow yourself to believe them.” If this quote resonates with you, the relationships in your life may feel more like work than play. Or maybe you find yourself enacting old patterns that you told yourself you wouldn’t repeat. Maybe you’re exhausted, constantly giving to people who don’t do the same. If so, I am not just a therapist telling you I can help, I am a therapist telling you I’ve been there! And here is what I know: in order for us to navigate our present from a place of wholeness, it is important for us to get intimate with our past.
As a relationship specialist, I help individuals and couples engage in self-exploration that undoubtedly supports more authentic, fulfilling relationships. And I do this knowing that the secret to successfully navigating our world from the driver’s seat is understanding and offering compassion to the parts of us that always seem to want to grab at the wheel.
Within you, you hold all the keys to building healthy and happy relationships. If you want to learn more about the services I offer and my approach, please reach out! I am LGBTQ/Queer affirmative and passionate about working with clients of all racial, spriritual, gender, sexual, and intersecting identities.

Master of Science (M.S), Marriage and Family Therapy/Northwestern University
Been in Practice Since