Don’t worry- you aren’t the only one hesitant about going to therapy. I’m here to help people push past the stigma around going to therapy and feel comfortable to speak up rather than struggle in silence. Talking about mental and emotional health, and feeling accepted can make all the difference. I typically work with issues regarding: anxiety, depression, grief/loss, and sex/body positivity. Regardless of what brought you here, I can provide solidarity and support and help you through this roller coaster known as life.
I am trained in Mental Health Counseling and rely heavily on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but am well versed in several counseling techniques. I have a compassionate, approachable demeanor and am very open minded. I specialize in normalizing mental and emotional health using techniques specific to the client.
Life can be hard, and sometimes you have to take a pause from the chaos and give yourself self-care in the form of therapy. I help people overcome big and small obstacles in the hopes that they can experience life a little easier with the assistance of coping skills, and much more.

Master of Education (MEd) Clinical Mental Health Counseling/DePaul University
Been in Practice Since