I truly believe the most rewarding journey is Inward. Through Going Inward Wellness, I offer people the opportunity to take off their cool in a safe space; together we work to peel back their labels, roles, vices and past hurts so that they may be fully present and seen. I work with clients to help them better manage stress; manage depression symptoms; manage anxiety; process life transitions; and process existential questions. In addition, I support clients grieving from from the loss of a loved one, the loss of a role or the loss of status.
I specialize in working with with self identified women of African descent (Black/African American/ Caribbean/African). I support my clients with putting down their survival strategies, in order to pick up tools for thriving.
My background in community organizing and education has mad me acutely aware of the nuanced experiences of educators and activists. I welcome the often unaddressed experiences of educators and activists to fortify them for their daily work.

MS Education/University of Pennsylvania
Been in Practice Since