***ONLINE COUNSELING AVAILABLE*** You are having a hard time transitioning in life. You have friendship concerns, family conflict, intimate-partner distress, unfulfilled career choices, and want a safe space to explore how to silence your inner critic. You are reminded of your old self or envisioning your future self, and somehow, today’s version of you is not meeting the standard. You want this to change, you need to change. BUT, there’s ALWAYS a but. If this is you, it sounds like you’re adjusting and need someone to guide you into successfully making the change in your life.
Whether you’re reducing anxiety, managing depression, or just navigating your adult*ish life. My virtual space is open to Black and Caribbean emerging adults in need of someone to help you navigate the murky waters called life.
I provide compassionate, and culturally sensitive care to unpack and empower clients. Using evidence-based therapies through an integrative lens of CBT & DBT (action-oriented skills trainings), positive psychology, and mindfulness techniques. I accept Cigna and self-pay clients. Contact me for in-person or online counseling options.

a Master of Arts - MA Counselor Education/University of Central Florid
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