I am called to journey alongside those that are brokenhearted, wounded, rejected, abandoned, lost, unloved, violated, bitter, misunderstood, misused and abused. To assist in restoring hope, health, wholeness, trust & transformation from the inside out by being present. I work with clients who are suffering from anger, depression/anxiety, negative modes of thinking, stress, trauma(s), low self-esteem/confidence, grief & loss, identity, generational patterns, negative word curses, negative judgments & inner vows, etc… I serve individuals (adults, youth & teens), families, couples, veterans, churches, leaders & the community.
I take my assignment seriously & intentionally work to ensure that the counseling sessions are a time of learning, hope, healing, wholeness, recovery & a safe haven. I provide small groups for female survivors of sex abuse, women empowerment; self-care, grief/loss, etc for all. I counsel women, men & children.
Types of Professional Psychotherapy used within a faith based framework are: Reality, CBT, Trauma Focused, Family Systems, Genograms, Strategic Prayer Counseling & Prayers That Heal The Heart. Modes of counseling: office, phone, Skype/Video & at designated locations.

Doctorate, Biblical Christian Counselling and Theology/Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond BTSR
Been in Practice Since