Are you currently experiencing a depressed mood? Are you feeling hopeless or worthless? Are your thoughts keeping you up at night? Are you struggling with a life adjustment? Mental Wellness Clinical Counseling and Services works closely with you to turn mental health diagnosis and challenges into change and mental wellness. The goal is to provide a professional yet safe environment for you to feel safe and comfortable, work through issues, challenge thoughts, encourage healing and acceptance and promote growth and self love.
Mental Wellness Clinical Counseling and Services specializes in treatment for depression, anxiety, life adjustment issues and related stress in adulthood. Treatment modalities individualized to you and can be adjusted as need, Effective treatment for you would allow you to identify triggers to specific feelings, develop coping skills, and manage symptoms.
Life is challenging, overwhelming, and on occasion unimaginable but it does not have to be. Mental health struggles such as depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, acute stress disorder should not limit you living the life you deserve. Managing or overcoming symptoms can be accomplished in therapy. Mental health challenges can become mental wellness.

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