I serve a wide range of clients. I believe individuals are more than an inflexible set of theories. Thus, I strive to foster a therapeutic relationship above all else. I think this is the essential aspect that a clinician can bring to all therapeutic endeavors. Additionally, though I will contribute a proficiency in psychology to our clinical association, I merely assist you in realizing the change you want to see. I feel you are the expert regarding the circumstances of your unique situation. Consequently, I take pride in assisting individuals in dealing with life’s challenges.
Relationalism is my overarching therapeutic technique, which validates the client’s account of their inner world. Additionally, my education in formal logic assists my use of various evidence-based therapy modalities to foster change by facilitating the removal of the obstacles/setbacks faced by clients. I also have a comprehensive background in assessment.
If you feel misunderstood, isolated, or troubled, I will listen. Together, we will confront what you endure without judgment.

Antioch University Seattle
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