Behavioral Issues, Child or Adolescent, Grief

With every twist and turn of life’s happenings come the fear of uncertainty, grieving the loss of what once was, and even the excitement of what’s to come. I’m here to tell you that your thoughts, feelings, and emotions do not have to be as black and white as the world would try to make them out to be. As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, I am passionate about helping clients who seek to heal from their traumatic experiences. Whether you’re starting or strengthening your wellness journey, my intentions are to cultivate a safe space for you to redefine a new sense of normalcy on your own terms.
Although my treatment approach is rooted in Adlerian and Wellness Counseling, I leverage strengths-based and mindfulness techniques. Grief, adjustment & life transitions, addictions, male sexual trauma, spirituality, and self-esteem-related issues are my specialties.
If no one has said this to you before, I just wanted to congratulate you for taking the time to invest in your mental and emotional health. I look forward to assisting you along your therapeutic journey towards holistic wellness. [PLEASE NOTE: Currently not accepting clients at this time.]

Master of Education (M.Ed.)Clinical Mental Health Counseling/University of West Georgia
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