Do you find yourself stuck? Perhaps events of the past continue to haunt you. Maybe you got lost while trying to navigate your way through a maze of stress that is your current reality. Or you could be experiencing uncertainty about the future which has you on edge. Are these stressors creeping into various areas of your everyday life and re-writing positive moments as negative ones? Whether good or bad, change often comes with discomfort. Together, we can figure out goals to help improve your quality of life.
People are unique, so learning about your world is key in helping me meet you where you’re at. By talking about how you have been navigating life thus far, we can explore which tools have helped and which have hindered your journey. Looking at patterns gives opportunities to re-write them if we determine they get in the way of what is important.
That first step of reaching out to a therapist can be the most difficult. When buying sunglasses, sometimes you try more than one pair before making a choice. Like sunglasses, not every therapist is going to be a good fit. So, it’s reasonable to shop around before making a decision. We can connect by phone or email to see if I am the right therapist for you.

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