Have you experienced difficult events, some beyond your control? Perhaps you struggle adjusting to “new norms” in your life, endure panic attacks, or have to force yourself to face each day. At some point, most of us are affected by traumatic events. Complex grief; abuse; military combat; abandonment; assault; chronic pain; and divorce are just a few examples. These experiences can leave us depressed, anxious, fearful or battling post-traumatic stress. They can leave us exhausted without the strength or resources to manage them.
I counsel individuals wrestling with various concerns. The approach we choose is based on your needs. A primary area of specialty is Accelerated Resolution Therapy. Utilizing eye movements and re-scripting of your traumatic event, we change the way you view your trauma and erase its negative mental and physical effects on your life in as few as 3-5 sessions.
Let’s identify your needs and work together to achieve your goals. We’ll highlight your strengths and use them as the vehicle to create a life worthy of living. Whether it’s distressing events, depression, anxiety, or improving your overall quality of life, allow me to help you gain Perspectives Anew!

Rutgers University-New Brunswick, Master of Social Work (MSW), Clinical/Medical Social Work Grade Summa Cum Laude
Been in Practice Since