Have you been harmed by the impacts of racialized violence, by queer and transphobia, by weight stigma, or by any other systems of oppression that permeate the world in which we live? I want to collaborate with you in exploration of your own lived reality and experiences of trauma within the context of your intersecting identities. I will partner with you, and create a space that nourishes an openness into which your lived meanings may emerge in their full richness and complexity. Within the framework of our therapeutic alliance, you will learn ways to decrease the distress associated with the trauma of systemic oppression.
The insight you will gain in the therapy space will empower you to make choices that genuinely promote your best interest as well as your ability to live with agency, purpose, authenticity, and meaning. I will support you to examine the ways that systems have written your story for you and work with you to rewrite your story towards your own longings.
My promise to you, as your clinician, is that I will be present with you in your experience of suffering and distress, help facilitate a process of meaning-making, and provide the highest possible level of care across our differences. I look forward to partnering together as you uncover the truth of who you are inside of the systems we live inside of.

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