***Please note: I am not accepting new clients at this time.*** Many times, and for most of us, we may not have had the opportunity to learn how to deal with things, or to give voice to our truth. We have responded to things as best as we could, and sometimes felt unsupported in dealing with the consequences that followed. This has proven to be evident in the work I have done as a therapist with clients working through different challenges of life, including stress, anxiety, anger management, divorce, blending families, grief and mental health concerns.
I offer teletherapy to assist adolescents, adults and families in enduring the responses and consequences of choices made throughout life – ultimately improving their mental health, developing a characteristic of resilience and providing hope. Together, we work to reduce the impact of trauma and its presence as anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues.
(CHARACTER: Choices Have A Response And Consequence To Endure Regardless) As a Therapist, I understand that the choices we make are going to have a response and a consequence that must be endured, regardless of whether or not we want to acknowledge or endure them. Let me work with you to build your resilience characteristic and live YOUR life.

Master`s Degree, Master of Science in Social Administration/Case Western Reserve University
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