My clients are postcolonial, queer, subaltern, disabled, invisibilised survivors of everyday microagressions or complex trauma. Like my clients I am polycultural, multilingual and attuned to queries on acculturation, multiple social identities, identity shifting, parenting minority or neuroatypical children, intercultural couples, as well as accidental, disabling or climacteric transitions. My clients want to come to terms with their complexities — those invalidated because of primary or secondary socialisation. Exploring symbolic language allows for production of new knowledge of self and self-(re)actualisation. Paris based.
I am trained in Art psychotherapeutic and nature based ecotherapies. Media based therapies provide opportunities for exploring client concerns organically, creatively, metaphorically and are adapted to persons who resist traditional talk therapy. After experience in NYC and Parisian hospitals, I am in private practice but also offer a teletherapy protocole.
Postcolonial critical theory and intersectional scholarship inform my approach to mental health concerns. My work in neuro-rehabilitation at NYC Rusk Institute allowed for building on Crip praxis. I am also co-founder of a collective of Black Mental health practitioners based in Paris and continue to promote Art therapy/ecotherapy through other NGO work.

Université de Paris Descartes
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