Many successful women feel stuck because they have become overwhelmed with too many responsibilities in their lives. After repeated micro-trauma events, you crash & implode. Are you struggling to do your job effectively while trying to manage your own emotions around CoVid19, Racial Unrest, and Personal Issues? Being the strong one for family & friends will leave you without the tools to manage. You will become emotionally fatigued & lost. How many times have you struggled with accepting & loving yourself? I help you discover what mental & emotional road blocks prevent you from finding your “happy” & we navigate those challenges.
I take you from hopeless and being stuck to being healed and unstoppable. Self doubt and pressure to be what others want you to be is an unhealthy combination. I help you to identify triggers that plant seeds of worthlessness, and teach you when and how to apply the reset button to get you over and through those pain points to find peace and motivation.
I am one of the most insightful people you will talk to and I understand beyond human understanding. I provide you with the necessary support to work towards accepting your feelings and thoughts, discovering your strengths and goals, and increasing your awareness of your ability to heal. Telehealth sessions are available.

Master`s degree, Clinical Social Work/ Walden University
Been in Practice Since