*WAGING WAR* Have you ever found yourself at war with yourself or others? Feeling challenged in relationships – with your partner, your friends, family, or even your boss? Feeling stuck in your emotional recovery process? Frustrated by not meeting your personal or career goals? You’re in the right place! I would love to partner with you as you learn to war fair by making deposits to improve your daily life. This means we will focus on what you can do to improve your total wellness and restore a sense of peace in your life. We will work together to help you find the freedom, acceptance, insight, and recovery you wish for.
Counseling (and supervision) are collaborative relationships. My approach is focused on building the relationship and using interactions in it as a model for life lessons. I believe people get better by being active participants in the process of therapy and being willing to dig deep to discover & discard, recover, or re-store what they find.
Personally, I’m an academic, former first responder, mother, spouse, sister, daughter, & friend, to name a few of my life roles. These can be difficult to navigate all at once. I’m not perfect at navigating it all for sure (who can be?) – yet, I continue to make progress one day at a time. I enjoy my roles and look forward to helping you navigate yours.

Doctor of Philosophy, Counselling/ University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Been in Practice Since