Experienced clinical psychologist providing psychological and applied behavior analysis services to clients diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and psychiatric disorders such as, depression, anxiety, bipolar, and PTSD. I design treatment for autism based on results of a functional assessment, and create target goals that are person centered. I create skill-based interventions that are socially valid to the patient. Techniques are based on the principles of applied behavior analysis with proven results. I provide a wide range of psychological services to patients ages, 16 through 55 years old.
I have over 10 years of experience providing services for individuals on the spectrum and working with psychiatric patients. I provide services in home and in community settings. I blend psychological and Applied Behavior Analysis concepts to maximize outcome. I provide testing and assessment services to clarify diagnosis for treatment.
I provide a hands on approach when it comes to meeting the needs of the caregiver. I am flexible with scheduling and most times can accommodate after hours appointments to meet the needs of the caregiver. Services are provided in community settings and in the home where the challenging behaviors occurs. This approach enhances generalization of skills.

Ph.D, Counselling Psychology/The Ohio State University
Been in Practice Since