GENNEW therapists have openings which are filling quickly. Visiting the website HTTP://www.gennew.org is the absolute quickest way to schedule with me or others from GENNEW. I have worked with a wide range of clients from persons trying to reintegrate into society after federal incarceration, loved ones dealing with grief, families who are struggling because of internal conflict, relationship challenges, or behavioral issues with a child. So long as the person I treat wants to work towards changing the issue I believe that I can help in guiding them towards healing and a solution.
I practice from the positive psychology model. In a world that has trained you to recognize the negatives quickly, working with me you will learn how to emphasize the positives in your life. I am a strength builder and work under the understanding that I am here to teach and advise and not to fix because this is what you will do when working with me.
I am always open to helping others through multiple counseling modalities. I believe that listening is the key and then setting the goal should be next. If you have an issue then speaking to me about it will definitely be well worth your time. All of the therapists of GENNEW are approachable. Please contact through phone or email and make the first step.

Master of Science –MS, Mental Health Counselling/University of Massachusetts Boston
Been in Practice Since