You’ve gotten used to putting yourself on the back burner. “I’m ok…I’m fine.,. I’ve just gotten used to it.” is what you say and “I’ll take care of that later” but later never comes. You try to keep pushing. You scream in silence hoping someone hears and helps; The tears come out when alone and you worry they will never stop. “I have to be strong for them” What happens when you have no more strength? Its hard to properly care for others when you yourself are not taken care of. Invest in your health. Make a decision today to be healthy and whole. Allow someone to help care for you, listen to you, and build you up. Contact Us.
I see youth and adults. I go beyond talk therapy to meet the person where they are. Everyone’s healing journey is not the same. I have training in trauma, Anxiety and mood issues. I am a Registered Drama Therapist. I am one of 4 in the state. I use various techniques in order to meet the needs of the individual and the family. I help people connect!
I know the first call can be hard. You’ve come too far. Don’t allow another excuse rob you of where you want to be in life. Don’t keep wearing the mask—attempting to look happy for others when internally you are screaming. Let us help you see what abundant life looks like—–Don’t settle to exist—- LIVE! Contact us TODAY!

Master of Science, Mental Health Counselling /Walden University
Been in Practice Since