Being a young adult in today’s world is super tough. At times, it may feel overwhelming and lonely. You may spend hours daydreaming about just fitting in somewhere, anywhere. High school, college, and graduate school are often the times when you feel the pressure from all around to make high-level choices for your life. Being an emerging adult at the beginning of your career can also present with difficult choices as well.
My approach to therapy is integrative and includes using mindfulness-based treatments to help give you a change in perspective, as well as an ear to listen and help to navigate the unique challenges of being teen or young adult in a world that may not value your contributions.
The world can be cruel and you may feel alone but that does not have to be your reality. If you have any desire, any interest to be your best self so you can live a full and happy life, I invite you to text or call (919) 887-9464 or go to my website, www.metanoiacounsels.com to schedule an appointment. I look forward to working with you!

Master of Social Work/City University of New York-Hunter College
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