Are you a successful professional and perfectionist at heart? Do others see you as someone who has mastered holding it all together? Even though it feels good to be that person, deep down you feel overwhelmed and wish people could see and understand your pain. Holding it all together comes with a price. It stops you from being vulnerable with yourself and others for fear of being judged and misunderstood. It stops you from sharing the pain of all the responsibilities you’ve been carrying. It stops you from being balanced mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Making the decision to seek therapy is hard because you don’t know if someone will understand your pain, but most importantly if you can be healed. I help individuals with anxiety, depression, and possible trauma learn to cope with the stress, anger, irritability, grief, and sadness that are common for those with invisible wounds.
I provide authenticity and transparency to help build trust and start the healing process. I offer tools and strategies to help with anxiety and depression using a relational-psychodynamic approach infused with self-compassion. In our work, you’ll learn techniques to identify self-bashing behaviors and increase kindness and compassion towards yourself.

Master of Arts - MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling/The Graduate School at Northwestern University
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