I believe that each of us is a multi-talented, multi-faceted, creative being of pure light and infinite potential! This being true, I know many of us have forgotten this long ago. I did! In forgetting who we truly are, we find ourselves trapped in limitation, living a life we do not really want but hoping it will one-day payoff. A life of depression, shame, and anxiety is the payoff most settle for. Well, I believe there is no payoff to settling. It never feels settled. If you know you need help but your schedule is unpredictable or just cannot find the help you need in your area, Freedom360 is the online solution for you!
This is where I step in. You are pure light-potential that deserves to live aligned to this birthright! However, some of us need a bit of guidance to weed through what stands in our way of freedom. My holistic approach helps uncover unconscious beliefs, process emotions safely, heal wounds, and create new mindsets and behaviors that serve your highest truth.
If you are ready to face some very harsh truths about yourself, and leave behind the old you and set out on a journey where you can live the life you truly desire, then I am the therapist for you. My virtual platform gives you the freedom to get the help you need, now. I invite you to schedule your first appointment and begin living your best life today!

Dallas Baptist University - Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology
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